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Introduction / Conditions

This forum is hosted on a subdomain of which is a domain owned by Philippe Huysmans.

Who can access the forum

The forum is open to anyone who wish to contribute.  All the material published is openly accessible, without having to login.  Reply and post need a registered account, with a valid e-mail.


The goal of this forum is not to become a competitor to the Yahoo group, but to be an open place where to discuss freely about new ideas about Kryptos, and more specifically, K4.


As opposed to the Yahoo group, by registering here, you are not tied by any obligation to credit the "forum" for you own merit, should you be the one who will find the solution.  There is no point in a collaborative approach, since there is no such thing like a search space that could be divided between the members of a group, each one taking his part of the burden.

Everyone choose what he/she wants to share,  knowing that if nobody share anything, no progress will ever been achieved.  It is now 15 years that the Yahoo group was created, and they are still at the exact same place : no progress was ever recorded.

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